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BrainValley Software Private Limited is a IT solution provider in education industry. Based in Chennai, BrainValley has successfully delivered products to large education institutions, colleges and corporate including Fortune 500 companies. Our major driving forces include high performance and flexible functionality products for large organizations and campus. Our cutting edge technology and expertise in education industry lead us in delivering world class products to our clients.

Innovative and creative range of products

BrainValley provides wide range of solutions to educational institutions and corporate which increases the productivity and accountability. Our core competency is aligned with our expertise in delivering latest cutting edge technology solutions. Quizky - a flagship product from Brainvalley Solutions, proves our competency in providing complete test assessment solution to large corporate and multi-campus institutions. We proved our expertise by providing integrated multi-campus ERP solution with rich modules through our enriched 'Campus ERP' product.

24X7 Support Availability

Our Support is available around the clock, every day of the year and is included in all packages.


Hosted on Azure Cloud Platform. Data is encrypted and all transactions are captured in audit logs.

Cloud based hosting

Our cloud based solution ensures delivery of consistent service with flexibility to scale up to any level.

Flexible payment models

We offer both pay as you go (SaaS) as well as reserved (long term contracts) payment models.

Enhanced Features

Our strong expertise in education as a domain helped us to build unmatched product features.

Application integration

Wide range of APIs are available to integrate our products with our customer's application.

Quality of our product shows through because it is developed with passion.

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